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Downtown Nashville Couples Session

You know who says you need to hire a professional photographer for only special occasions. Ha, not me! Any and every moment that you feel is special should be documented, and that’s a fact. Allie and Derek, they’ve been together for a longgggg time. They spent 12 years dating and this year marks 10 years married – woohoo! They now share two beautiful children and wanted to do something fun during their stay in Nashville. We were in a crunch for time, but that didn’t stop us from getting this Downtown Nashville Couples Session in order.

Allie & Derek’s Love Story

Allie and Derek met as freshmen in college. After a night of hanging out with friends, and ya know doing the college things, Allie and Derek met. Since then, these two became inseparable and have been together ever since. They share two beautiful kiddos and love their alone time, so it was important to take this time to really focus on them. For this shoot, Allie and Derek really wanted it to be flirty and fun and really showcase their personalities. Despite hitting major milestones in their lives together, they still want to show off their young and lively side. You don’t need to be “young” to feel young, ya know!

Downtown Nashville Couples Session

Since we really wanted to stick to those fun and flirty vibes, what better way than to head to Downtown Nashville! Here you can find plenty of things to do and the city is so lively. I mean it is the capital of country music after all – lol. We spent the first portion of their shoot at The Bridge Building Event Spaces here in Nashville, Tennessee. This beautiful venue is located on the riverfront in Downtown Nashville. It was originally built back in 1908 and has since been modernized and seen as one of the “greenest” buildings in the world. Though there are many amenities included in this venue, we set our sights on the beautiful rooftop patio with stunning city views.

Although it was a rather cloudy day, we didn’t let that stop us. Unless there is incredibly inclement weather, I always encourage my couples to roll with the punches and don’t be afraid to step outside their comfort zone. You might be surprised by the amazing results you may get!

Nashville City Vibes // Nashville Photoshoot Locations

Allie and Derek’s session wasn’t long, but we had to make it a point to head into the city for those more casual and laid-back type photos. We walked through the streets of Downtown Nashville and passed by one of the best-smelling stores on the strip, Goo Goo Clusters. You could just smell the chocolate and nougat through the walls. It was pure heaven!

Wandering throughout the streets of Nashville in a crowd of people may seem a bit daunting. Trust me, I get it. However, I always try to encourage my couples to let loose during their shoot and to try being their authentic selves. If that means having to have a drink before your session, I’m all for it! Just don’t go too crazy because we still want you walking throughout your session!

At the end of the day, the biggest takeaway from Allie and Derek’s session is that you can keep any love alive. It takes time, dedication, passion, and love for one another. Sometimes you need to book that shoot just to do something fun and you know what, that’s okay! Just make sure you hire me to capture it 😉

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