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Hunter Museum Chatanooga Engagement Photos

College sweethearts turned into forever lovers. This is the story of Mary and Beau who have been together since 2016 and are now in the works toward tying the ultimate knot. Mary and Beau recently moved to Chatanooga, Tennessee so it made sense to celebrate their engagement in the city that stole their hearts for this next chapter in their lives. Their Hunter Museum Chatanooga Engagement Photos are some of my favorites that I have documented recently and hopefully, you can see why.

The Love Story of Mary & Beau

While attending their alma mater, Michigan State University, these two met never knowing what the future would hold for their story. With overlapping friend groups as well as living in adjacent dorms, they began spending more and more time together. From there that this was the start of the next exciting chapter in their lives. And what eventually brought us to this special moment.

It wasn’t until years into their relationship that it was the perfect time for Beau to pop the question. While his first proposal plan didn’t quite go to plan (secrets were foiled) he did indeed have a plan B. On a weekend trip to Madison, Wisconsin, they were walking by a beautiful lake. It was here that Beau got on one knee to pop the question. As you can imagine, we all know Mary’s answer. It was followed by a dinner and bubbles to celebrate this next step towards their forever together.

Mary & Beau’s Hunter Museum Chatanooga Engagement Photos

It was apparent throughout their entire engagement session that Mary & Beau were still very much head over heels in love. Even after being together for 7 years, which I thought was the cutest thing ever. Truly they enjoy spending time with each other and living through new experiences, their engagement photos being one of them. Since moving to Chatanooga, we wanted to incorporate beautiful scenery and structure while being in their newly established town. The Hunter Museum of American Art was seemingly the perfect option. The outside build of the museum is breathtaking and gave us plenty of photo opportunities and was perfect for these Chatanooga engagement photos.

For this Chatanoonaga engagement session, we wanted to really make the most of it. I actually have some tips for you to get the most out of your engagement session here! We found ourselves wandering throughout the outskirts of the Hunter Museum. Until finding a beautiful rooftop with river views. It’s important to remember that you make the most of your engagement session. That means finding the beauty in just about anything and that’s exactly what we did. It wasn’t long before we outlasted our time at the Hunter Museum. So we were able to pivot to a rooftop garage not far from us to end their beautiful Chatanooga engagement session.

I can’t wait to continue celebrating their love at Jasper Highlands this upcoming October!

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