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Organic Summer Wedding at Stone Gate Farm

Myra and Evan are the couple that make you feel like they got pulled right out of your favorite rom-com. The love that these two have for each other can make anyone tear up and frankly everyone who attended their wedding day did. Their organic summer wedding at Stone Gate Farm was filled with laughter, joy and celebration. I am forever grateful to have captured their big day surrounded by the love from their friends and family.

Their Love Story

Myra and Evan met on the ever so famous dating app, Tinder. Since the global pandemic it seems that so many couples are finding their love story forming via dating apps and social media. Which by all means, I am all for celebrating all kinds of love stories! Since their first date the two have been inseparable and well… here we are. Together, they enjoy spending quality time together and really enjoying even the littlest of moments that life has to offer as long as they are together. Ever since their engagement, you could tell that their love continued to grow stronger and stronger. It bonded them even closer and they were beyond excited to say their I do’s and start this new chapter in their lives.

Stone Gate Farm

Stone Gate Farm is a beautiful wedding venue if you’re looking for that perfect mix of rustic architecture and old country charm. They are especially known for their barn, gate and guesthouse that is located on the property. Which the gates are one of the main features that drew Myra and Evan here for their wedding in the first place. Stone Gate Farm truly ties in the beautiful history of the farm and is also very cost effective if you’re looking for a more budget friendly option for a wedding venue.

Stone Gate Farm also does a fantastic job at really focusing on the experience and making sure that there couples are well taken care of. Some of the amenities that this award-winning wedding venue offers are:

  • Bride and Groom Getting Ready Suite
  • On-Site Day Of Ceremony Coordinator
  • Exclusive Use of the Venue
  • Bar Area
  • Guest House Available For Rent

If you want a more behind-the-scenes look at what Stone Gate Farm has to offer, check it out!

Organic Summer Wedding at Stone Gate Farm

On the day of Myra and Evan’s wedding it was pure and utter bliss. Not only was their love radiating but the sun was as well. It was prime weather to have a wedding and I am so thankful that it was Myra and Evan’s special day.

Getting Ready Moments

I arrived at Stone Gate Farm and met up with Myra and her bridesmaids in the bridal getting ready suite. We started off taking some beautiful detail photos of the invitation suites, jewelry, and the insanely gorgeous shoes that Myra had. Wedding flatlays are some of my favorite to style and I always encourage my couples to have just a few details for their wedding gallery. Take it as a perfect way to curate and tell your love story through objects.

Typically while I’m snapping away at some details, the rest of the bridesmaids and bride finish up getting ready. Everyone was taking the morning really slowly and enjoying the day, which I always suggest especially the morning of such a big event. Myra was able to finish up getting ready and she looked like an absolute princess. Her dress flowed off of her so perfectly and it was a beautiful moment to witness, everyone was freaking out.

While Myra was getting ready for the day’s festivities, Evan and his groomsmen getting ready in their own groom suite. Tying their ties, and soaking up every minute of this moment.

The First Look

Shortly after, Myra met up with her husband-to-be, Evan, in a secluded area at Stone Gate Farm for their first look. Surrounded by trees, twinkling lights and nothing but love these two endured a beautiful and intimate moment as they locked eyes with each other. During your first look is also the perfect opportunity to have a bit more intimacy and privacy. Which is why so many couples will opt to exchange personal written vows then. This is exactly what Myra and Evan did. Tears were definitely flowing at this point but it was truly a beautiful moment. After asking Myra and Evan what their favorite part about their day was, this was definitely one of the highlight moments.

Also, keep in mind that I do like to keep my distance especially when it comes to moments like these. I know that not everyone wants their photographer to hear these intimate words! So making sure I keep my distance just enough so I can’t hear you, but we can still get some beautiful photos is key.


Myra and Evan really fell in love with the location of Stone Gate Farm and the beauty that it had to offer. I gotta say too, the sun that came in on this day was absolutely UNREAL. We wandered throughout the open fields soaking up as much of that golden glow as we can. 10/10 would definitely do again.

Ceremony & Reception

As I mentioned above, one of the key features of Stone Gate Farm were these beautiful iron gates. They hold so much beauty and history and is the main centerpiece for their ceremony area. In front of it, Myra and Evan exchanged vows and said their I do’s. A moment they both had been waiting for, for a long time.

After their beautiful and brief ceremony, it wasn’t long until the party picked up once again for their reception. At Stone Gate Farm they offer you a beautiful barn that is the perfect amount of space for your reception. With lights covering the restored barn ceilings and an open dance floor waiting, Myra and Evan made their debut as Mr. and Mrs. together they enjoyed their first dance as husband and wife as everyone looked to them with pure awe. Speeches were exchanged that left everyone in the crowd laughing, face palming with pure embarrassment and tears in their eyes. A private cake cutting and a quick taste test of course, led to the dance floor opening up. Usually when it comes to this time however, anything goes. Moves were busted, dance floors were being broken down on and it was a wedding you could never forget.

Forever cherishing this moment with Myra and Evan and wishing them a happily ever after. Cheers!

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Photography: Cayleigh Ely Photography

Venue: Stone Gate Farm

Caterer: Moes Southwest Grill

Dress: Davids Bridal

Hair & Makeup: Tiffany D. Hair

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