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Tennessee Fall Family Photoshoot | Davis Family

The growth of your family and holding onto these one-in-a-lifetime moments are so precious. Something about getting to document the way you hold your hands with your kids, the welcoming of your bundle of joy or just getting to create long-lasting memories. That is why I do what I do and what really get’s me excited every morning when I wake up. I have had the honor of being able to document many families over the years. The Davis Family, however, is one of the families that truly stand out to me. From their bubbling and loving personalities, to how welcoming they were to involve me in these moments. Truly unforgettable. So getting to document this Tennessee Fall Family Photoshoot with the Davis Family was a real blessing and I’m so excited to share it with you today.

Tennessee Fall Family Photoshoot

While this may look like your ordinary fall family photo shoot, the Davis Family had quite the announcement. The Davis Family was growing +1 and I got the inside scoop to help document this exciting announcement. We headed to one of my favorite fields in Tennessee (a hidden gem spot if you will) and were able to document this beautiful announcement. Taylor and David brought along their son, Lane, and we had an absolute blast! Thank you to the Davis Family for allowing me to be a part of this beautiful announcement and for always making me feel welcome #crying

Tips For Your Fall Family Photoshoot

Before you go booking your family photographer for all your family photos, it’s important to have a few tricks up your sleeve to best prepare! Here are some of my tried and true tips for your Fall family photo shoot:

1.) Coordinate Your Outfits, But Don’t Match:

Matching may seem great at the time, however, nothing screams “overdoing it” than matching outfits with the entire fam. Rather than wearing identical outfits, you still want to be original and authentic to your personality. Have one member of your family pick their outfit. Then, everyone else will coordinate their outfits around that one person’s attire. So rather than everyone wearing all the same matching thing, you can compliment each other rather than clash.

2.) Backdrops Are Everything:

Where you choose to take your family photos is incredibly important when it comes to the final product. You don’t want to pick a location where your outfits will essentially “blend in” or else you’re definitely going to have a case of the green screen effect. Choose locations that are open and free, especially if you’re going to have your kids be in the shoot! You can always opt for a cleaner look inside a professional studio if you’re wanting to guarantee a clean and polished backdrop for your family photoshoot.

3.) Be As Natural & Authentic As Possible

The most important thing is to be as natural and authentic as possible. One of the most obvious things that anyone can notice in your photos is how comfortable you look in front of the camera. For a lot of you, this may be one of, if not your first professional photoshoots. So trying to act “normal” can be a bit tricky. However, rather than forcing poses that can sometimes look stiff, you want to be as candid and casual as possible. Having the right photographer will help you achieve this as well!

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