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Honeymoon Photos at Stone Door Overlook

Who says that the celebration has to stop on the wedding day? Certainly not me! I am all for celebrating your love story, no matter the occasion. Honestly, I believe we should all look at love this way! You are celebrating cherishing and loving another person, and that feeling doesn’t just go away after the wedding day. Kacie and Dustin decided to celebrate their love on their honeymoon. When I first heard of them wanting to do this I couldn’t have been more excited. We decided to take their honeymoon photos at Stone Door Overlook here in Tennessee. This honeymoon session was pure and utter perfection and the sun flares we got were next-level amazing!

Kacie & Dustin | A Love Story

Kacie and Dustin knew of each other, but never initiated contact. It wasn’t until one Instagram DM later that their relationship began to bloom. It all starts in the DM’s, I’m telling you! At the time of this honeymoon session, Kacie and Dustin had already been married for about 5 months. They were taking their honeymoon here in Tennessee and wanted to document this time in their lives. Kacie and Dustin wanted to look back at these photos and remember all of the adventures that they took together. They wanted to be able to see the love between each other and have something to share with their children. Honestly, reading this made me tear up. These love stories always get me!

Stone Door Overlook

Savage Gulf State Park is located in Grundy County, Tennessee. The park itself is huge at a whopping 15,590 acres. It also has some of the most stunning hiking, waterfalls, and camping areas I’ve ever seen. For Kacie and Dustin, it was important that they incorporate the beautiful Tennessee scenery and mountains into their honeymoon session, so off we went.

Stone Door Overlook is a 1.8-mile out-and-back trail inside Savage Gulf State Park. It’s a very popular area for hiking and walking. So be aware that you may run into people while on this hike! It’s best to head to Stone Door Trail when it isn’t as busy, either early in the morning or later in the day. A good perk about this trail as well is that it is open year-round! So no matter when the celebration takes place, this trail is always available at our disposal.

Honeymoon Photos at Stone Door Overlook

One of the best things about this honeymoon session with Kacie and Dustin was the amount of magnetic chemistry between them. Even though they had gotten married just months prior, the amount of love between the two of them was as if they had just started dating. It was fresh, innocent, genuine, and real and it was evident throughout their entire honeymoon session just how much these two loved each other.

We experienced some absolutely beautiful sun flares while on the top of the mountains and overlooked the stunning views on the horizon. Seriously these views are immaculate! We spent the hour for their honeymoon photos really just getting as many epic views as possible and celebrating their love. Kacie and Dustin even did a quick outfit change to a more casual outfit, which essentially made the most bang for their buck. Basically, it looked like they got two photoshoots in one!

As the hour neared its end, it was a bittersweet moment. While I was sad to leave since we had such an amazing time I was excited to head home and edit these photos. Just use these honeymoon photos as proof that you don’t need to be engaged or get married to invest in capturing your love story!

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  1. These are so fun and romantic!! This location is incredible!

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