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NYE Wedding Reception at Common House

I am all for couples choosing to celebrate their love story however they want to. At the end of the day, you are celebrating your day, *your* way and that’s the most important. For Erica and Drew, I had the honor of continuing their love story celebration at their reception. Erica and Drew actually had a destination wedding in Hawaii! However, with destination weddings, there is always the chance that not everybody will make it. It can cost money, people have to take off time from work and overall it can be difficult to get everyone you want there in one place at one time. So instead, Erica and Drew decided to have their NYE Wedding Reception at Common House. An event space located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Surrounded by all of their close friends and family, we rang in the new year in the best way possible.

Common House | Chattanooga, Tennessee

Common House is an inclusive space whose design surrounds as a central hub to dine, work and meet new people. It’s a social club with branches in three different states. One of those being here in Chattanooga, Tennessee! You are able to host private events at Common House to create a unique and diverse experience, no matter the occasion.

At the Common House, there are several different spaces for whichever event you are hosting.

Ruby Hall – Ruby Hall can accomodate from 20 to 300+ guests! You’re surrounded by tons of natural light and local decor that creates a unique and diverse ambiance.

Pennybacker Room – The Pennybacker Room is perfect if you’re planning on having an intimate gathering.

The Garden – The Garden is perfect if you’re looking for an outdoor ceremony, cocktail hour or outdoor party with fresh air and stunning landscaping.

Bridal Suite & Guest Rooms – Common House also has a bridal suite and guest rooms that give you the perfect getaway before or after your event.

Services Included at Common House

When you choose to have a private event at Common House, this includes:

  • In-house catering
  • Sommelier-curated wines
  • Modern furniture
  • Full bar services
  • Audio/visual equipement
  • Professional waitstaff

To read more about Common House and what they can offer you for your private event or wedding celebration, click here!

NYE Wedding Reception at Common House

For Erica and Drew they wanted their NYE wedding reception to be an absolute party. I mean after all, it was New Years Eve! As soon as I arrived I was absolutely blown away by the beautiful decor in their reception space. Stunning white veil drapes cascading from the ceiling and a minimalistic approach to their centerpieces, made it absolutely perfect.

Since Erica and Drew were already married, their wedding reception was meant to be the post celebration. So we first started by taking some portraits of their wedding party and even went outside to take some night shots by the pool! These were some of my favorites, if I’m being honest. We headed back inside where the rest of the party took place. Not only did Erica and Drew have their “first dance” but they also added in a sweet touch to their wedding reception. Drew’s parents would be having a solo dance celebrating their 30th anniversary and Erica were going to have a song and dance celebrating their 29th anniversary. It seems like everyone was celebrating that night!

It was a night filled with drinks flowin’, dancing until we can’t anymore and counting down until the new years. No better way to ring in the new years than celebrating a love story as passionate and beautiful as Erica and Drew’s.

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