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30 Must-Have Wedding Pose Ideas for Your Wedding Day

I have to admit, my posing game was not always up to par with my expectations. In the beginning, my posing skills were way off, but what could you expect? It takes a lot more than just telling couples what to do in order to successfully pose them in front of the camera. Sometimes you have language barriers, sound barriers, or it’s sometimes just that difficult to describe what you want someone to do to get the perfect photo. Since first picking up my camera, I have been experimenting with different poses for my couples on their wedding days and have come up with my tried and true. Below are 30 of my must-have wedding pose ideas for your wedding day. These wedding pose ideas will help you slay the day and look great while doing it 😉

Putting the Shoes On

Getting ready on the morning of your wedding can be such an impactful moment and I say soak it all in! This pose in particular is one of my favorites because it really highlights the getting ready process in a more discrete way.

Perfecting The Dress

This is the perfect pose to gather you and your gal pals to help show off that gorgeous wedding dress of yours! You spent the money on it, you might as well flaunt it!

Putting On Earrings

For all of you gals out there with your ears pierced, the “putting on earrings” pose is a go-to for me and my couples. It brings a touch of elegance and class and again, highlights the getting ready process more discretely than the typical “getting ready” poses.

Mom Putting Boutonnière on Groom

A moment between parent/child is so special, especially the morning of your wedding. That’s why capturing moments like these while a Groom’s mother/father puts on his boutonnière is so special.

Fixing The Suit/Tie/Watch

If you’re wanting to feel yourself on your wedding day, the classic “fixing the tie” pose is one of the more subtle poses that will have you feeling top-notch on your big day.

First Look/Touch

I am a huge believer in the power of first looks/touches, however, this may not be every couple’s cup of tea. If you are someone wanting to incorporate a first look/touch into your wedding day, I say go for it! Not only is it a special and intimate moment between you and your partner, but they make for great photo opportunities!

Back of Dress Down The Aisle

As you walk down the aisle and your dress follows behind you, this is one of my favorite shots to capture. This shot is specifically more so if you have a main photographer and a second photographer on your wedding day. That way one photographer will capture one angle as you walk down the aisle. The other will capture behind you, creating more depth and dimension to your images.

Ceremony Reaction Shots

We are definitely going to want to incorporate some reaction shots into your wedding gallery. #sorrynotsorry. Your friends and family traveled far and wide to watch you tie the knot, why not embarrass them more by getting perfectly crisp 4K images of their tears?

Ceremony Exit Kiss

Need I say more? You just got freakin’ married!

Through The Tunnel

One of the best ways to huddle your entire wedding party into your photos is through what I like to call, “through the tunnel”. Your wedding party forms a tunnel on either side as you and your partner walk through the middle. This is ideal for a bit larger of a wedding party since it will make the most impact, but it is well worth it.

Throwing The Groom

Now, not all of my poses are on the ground. In fact, some of my favorite poses specifically for all of you groomsmen is throwing the groom up in the air. While it may seem dangerous, it is completely safe. Just make sure you have groomsmen who can catch you when you come back down – LOL

Veil Of Flowers With Your Gal Pals

This is a fan favorite amongst brides for a reason. The veil of flowers allows you to highlight the beautiful flowers that you have put so much time, effort, and money on. Don’t let those gorgeous bouquets go to waste and instead highlight what a beauty you look, inside and out.

Look Back At It

This is a beautiful pose that I love to have my brides do with their bridesmaids. It’s the perfect way to show off the gorgeous bridesmaids gowns while still having the bride be the star of the show!

Flowing The Dress

If you’re wearing a dress on your wedding day, sorry but not sorry, you have to do the flowing dress pose. It’s a great way to emphasize the drama of your dress and put a spotlight on how extra fabulous you look!

Rings Over The Flowers

Since you just tied the knot, it’s time to highlight those rings for ya girl! Having sparkling clean rings for these photos makes for the ultimate statement and reminds you that you just did the thang.

Hug From Behind

Throughout your wedding day, you are constantly running around back and forth. It’s time to get cozy with your partner as you hug them from behind. It is a more intimate style pose but really brings in the romance!

Holding The Rings

Show off that bling bling, you just got married!

Running Around With Your Boo

Are you a big fan of those blurry editorial running shots that you see all over your social media feeds? Well, these are actually some of my favorites that I have been loving to incorporate and are a favorite amongst my couples as well. It adds more depth to your gallery and emphasizes movement throughout a still image.

Under The Booty Grab

A more spicy and fun pose to do with your partner is the “under the booty grab” which is essentially picking up your partner from under their butt. It is fun and playful, do I need any more of a reason?

Hands To The Sky

This pose is the ultimate celebratory pose and reminds me of the classic Breakfast Club ending (iykyk). Celebrate that you and your partner are for-lifers now!

Leading You Into Married Life

Incorporating some more movement into your photos as you and your partner lock hands and walk throughout your wedding venue. This is perfect especially if there is a large grass area where we can utilize the space to the fullest.

Under The Veil

The “under the veil” pose is one of my favorites but definitely doesn’t come without some practice. You may feel like your wedding photographer is all up in your grill but that’s the point. As someone once said, “With great power, comes great responsibility”. And as your wedding photographer, I must secure the perfect shot. Don’t worry though, everyone says it’s well worth it!

Rings Out to Camera

The only type of finger out to the camera that is acceptable on your wedding day 😉

Kissing Her Shoulder

This is a pose that I have been loving incorporating during wedding portraits. It’s sexy, sultry, and a bit spicy which is perfect for couples wanting something a bit different for their wedding day!

The Dip

The dip is a classic wedding pose, but it’s called a classic for a reason! Timeless, elegant, classic, and still just as epic as ever before. This pose is a must-have wedding pose you need for your wedding day.

You, Me + The Pup

You can never go wrong with having your pup join in on the fun! Hiring a pet sitter to watch your fur baby throughout your big day ensures that you get to have your four-legged friend there without any of the worries! If you’re in need for a pup sitter in TN, check out my fave Lydia!

The Grand Entrance

Make a statement by entering your reception as your guests cheer you on during your grand entrance. All eyes are on you and it’s time to flaunt it!

Kiss Behind the Cake

Whether you’re doing a public or private cake cutting, the “kiss behind the cake pose” is one that you will definitely want to have on your wedding day. Not only because A.) it’s cake but B.) it’s cake.

Kiss/Smile at the Sweetheart’s Table

While sitting at the sweetheart’s table you are the center of attention. Why not become more the center of attention by having me, your photographer, pose you in front of the camera as you kiss and smile? Seems like a perfect idea to me!!

Grand Exit Boom

Equally as important as every other pose here is the “grand exit boom”. If you choose to do a grand exit on your wedding day, remember this. Leave with a BANG! Whether it be streamers, glow sticks, sparklers, lanterns, paper airplanes, confetti, flower petals, you name it. This will be a memorable way to end your wedding day that you will never want to forget.

30 Must-Have Wedding Pose Ideas for Your Wedding Day

If you’ve made it this far, woah. I appreciate you taking the time to read this entire blog all on 30 must-have wedding pose ideas for your wedding day. Hopefully, these wedding pose ideas will give you a bit more insight into what type of wedding photographer I am. As well as what you are and are not comfortable trying on your wedding day. At the end of the day, I want to make sure you fall in love all over again when looking back at your images. So we work together to make sure that you are looking f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s all day long.

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