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9 Must-Have Wedding Photos for Your Album

Your wedding day is a collection of precious moments that you’ll want to cherish and relive for years to come. And your wedding album serves as a timeless keepsake! At the very least you’ll be grabbing for it every anniversary to experience that same emotion and joy that that day held. But let’s talk about the 9 must-have wedding photos that every couple should include in their wedding album!! (So make sure you have these included in your shot list for your wedding photographer! Just in case it’s not me ;))

The First Look

Obviously this is where we’re starting off! This is where I feel like the big emotions really begin. Amber wanted to do a first look with her father and just look how sweet?! I absolutely love this idea and I hope that more of my brides do this too. Then of course the first look between bride and groom is always so special. Whether it’s a traditional aisle walk or a private first look session, capturing the raw emotion and anticipation on the couple’s faces is a must-have shot!

Bride and Groom Portraits

Dedicate a GOOD section of your wedding album to stunning portraits of the bride and groom. Because it is, afterall, all about YOU GUYS! These timeless images showcase the real emotion between the couple and will forever be treasured so this should really serve as the centerpiece of the album.

Bridal Party Fun

If you have a wedding party, include playful and candid shots of the bridal party! Whether that’s getting ready, in the ceremony or bridal party portraits. You will love looking back on those photos to see your closest family and friends who were literally by your side on your special day.

Family Portraits

Family portraits, I would say, are an essential part of any wedding album, capturing the love and support of your nearest and dearest. It’s important to include formal group shots with immediate family members and close relatives, as well as candid moments that showcase the bond and personality of everyone!

Ceremony Highlights

A close second to bride and groom portraits are photos of the ceremony! You’ll want to document key moments from your wedding ceremony, such as the exchange of vows, ring exchange, and the first kiss as a married couple. These shots will encapsulate the solemnity and significance of the ceremony and serve as lasting memories of your commitment to each other. (ugh! major heart eyes for the way Amber’s dad is looking at her while walking her down the aisle)

Little Details

DO NOT FORGET! You have GOT to capture the beauty and ambiance of your whole day with shots of the decor, floral arrangements, and venue. Make sure to include close-ups of flat-lays, place cards, centerpieces, and wedding favors, that reflect your unique style and theme of your wedding day.

First Dance

The first dance is always a cute and magical moment. It symbolizes the beginning of your journey as a married couple! Get intimate shots of the bride and groom dancing together, surrounded by the warm glow of candlelight, mood lighting or even twinkling fairy lights.

Cake Cutting

One of the best moments of the reception! Cake cutting!! The cake cutting ceremony is a time-honored tradition that makes for an amazing photo opportunity. Capture the joy and playfulness of the moment as the couple shares a sweet treat together and feeds each other the first slice of cake. (or smears it all over each others faces!)

Grand Exit

Conclude your wedding album with a grand exit shot that captures the excitement and energy of the celebration. It’s the perfect end capsule for the album because it was the ending of your special day! Whether it’s a sparkler send-off, a confetti shower, or a romantic getaway in a vintage car, the grand exit shot is the PERFECT finale to your wedding album.

Your wedding album is a treasure trove of memories that will be cherished for generations upon generations to come. By including these 9 must-have shots in your wedding album, you’ll create a stunning narrative of your wedding day that captures the essence of the magic that day created. From tender moments between the bride and groom to joyous celebrations with family and friends, each shot tells a unique story and preserves the love and happiness of your wedding day for eternity.

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