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Christianna + Tennys’s Moody and Romantic Wedding Day

A wedding day is a celebration of love, unity, and new beginnings – a day filled with cherished moments that mark the beginning of a beautiful journey together. Christianna and Tenny’s moody and romantic wedding day was nothing short of special! When Christianna reached out to me about photographing her and Tennys’s wedding I was so honored! She also actually found me through Pinterest (so woohoo lol). Christianna was viral on TikTok for a while, plays guitar and is a sucker for a romance book. Tennys is a professional tennis player, bit of a drummer and thrives with a good intellectual book. From the anticipation of getting ready to the joy of saying “I do” and the celebration that follows, each moment was a chapter in their unique love story.

The Morning Preparations

The wedding day began with the bride and groom preparing for their big day! In the quiet hours of the morning, surrounded by loved ones, the bride slipped into her gown, her smile absolutely radiating with excitement! Meanwhile, the groom shared a special moment with his brother while getting ready. Christianna also had left the most sentimental and thoughtful gift. She set up a photo of his dad in memory, who had passed, and written him the sweetest note along with a shot of Elijah Craig in his honor. He was able to toast with his Father on this special day. (I know, I’m crying too!)

Christianna also had the SWEETEST moment with her father as she came down the stairs all dolled up. I wish you could have been there because it really was such a jaw-dropping, breath-holding moment!! Everyone was absolutely awestruck as she descended those stairs and started towards the aisle.

The Ceremony

Against a semi-circle of soft candlelight, the bride walks down the aisle. Her eyes locked with the groom’s as they exchange vows and promise to love and cherish each other for a lifetime. Is this not giving off Phantom vibes?? I LOVE IT! Rings are exchanged and the couple sealed their love with a kiss. Christianna and Tennys’s love for each other was so strong, it felt magnetic.

The Reception

The celebration continues!!! Guests gather to toast the newlyweds and share in their joy. Laughter fills the air as heartfelt speeches are delivered, and tears of happiness are shed. Christianna made the stunning seating chart out of vintage tennis rackets! It was a rainy, moody and romantic evening for sure. They also chose to not have a florist, or a bridal party (just grabbed a couple photos with their siblings) and they also chose not to do family formals or first look. So simple and EXACTLY how they wanted their day to go. And I am so here for that!!

I totally wish more people did this and TRULY did exactly what they want to do for their day! Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post coming soon on tips to really have the wedding YOU want to have.

The Moments In-Between

Amidst the whirlwind of the wedding day, it’s the small moments in-between that truly stand out – stolen glances, tender touches, and quiet whispers shared between the bride and groom. We captured some STUNNING shots of the bride and groom. How beautiful are these??! This amazing couple decided absolutely everything they wanted to do for their wedding, no matter what me or anybody else said. (no first look, no family formals) And I love that! Your wedding day is YOURS and everything that happen (or doesn’t happen) should be your decision. For example, they wanted photos of everyone! They wanted to make sure they’re mingling with their people all night to get photos with them and that they are together on the dance floor or socializing. So that it’s not photos of JUST the bride or JUST the groom with their family/friends but both of them together.

On their first date, Tennys says he remembers her walking into the restaurant in black leather pants and thinking “oh heck yeah. she’s tall, has leather pants on, she looks GOOD”. And you can bet he was thinking the same thing when he saw his bride on their wedding day.

A wedding day is a beautiful tapestry woven from countless moments of love, joy, and celebration. Christianna and Tenny’s moody and romantic wedding day was certainly one for the books! As they embark on this new chapter together, I hope that these memories of their wedding day serve as a beacon of love and happiness when life gets tough.


Venue: @thebelltowernashville

Dress and Veil: @vowdweddings

Tux: @stateandliberty

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