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Helicopter Surprise Proposal in Nashville

Ask any photographer and they will tell you that one of the most exciting & stressful moments is photographing a surprise proposal. Not only do you have to go total stealth mode, but you also have to be REALLY good at being discrete. While I’m not saying I’m thatttt bad at keeping secrets but the excitement builds so much ahhh! As if you aren’t freaking out already, this surprise proposal was done at an airport after a helicopter ride. Now if that’s not dedication then I don’t know what is! Katie & Michael had the most heartwarming and adventurous helicopter surprise proposal in Nashville and I am beyond excited to be sharing it with you!

Helicopter Surprise Proposal in Nashville

First off, when it comes to planning a surprise proposal with a photographer the most important thing is communication! You want to make sure you and your photographer are completely in sync when it comes to planning out this moment. We need to discuss cues, when & how it will happen, etc. When Michael first inquired with me, he was very thorough with what his plans were for this surprise proposal. As soon as he mentioned the helicopter I was already halfway through packing my camera bag. It’s not every day that you get to photograph a proposal at an airport so when the opportunity presents itself you can’t pass it up!

Helistar Aviation

After several weeks of planning for this surprise proposal, the moment was finally here. Michael and his future fiance, Katie, were going to have their lives changed forever. The best part is that Katie knew nothing about it! I met up with Michael and Katie and the Helistar Aviation here in Nashville, Tennessee. As you can guess, Helistar Aviation is a helicopter company that provides opportunities for people to explore Nashville from thousands of feet in the air. Perfect for tours, graduations, and yeah proposals! I met up with Michael and Katie at Helistar Aviation and let me tell you it was FREEZING.

Golden Hour Portraits

After a joyous ride in the sky overlooking the beautiful Nashville, Katie and Michael finally landed back on the ground. As soon as they stepped outside of the helicopter, Michael dropped to one knee and proposed to Katie. Ugh, I cry all the time at this part. Through the tears and emotions flooding Katie’s face of course she said YES! The crowd went wild and by a crowd, I mean their whole family. Part of this surprise proposal was to also have Michael and Katie’s family waiting for them to congratulate them. Oh and let me tell you, Katie was shocked. We spent the remainder of our time together soaking up that INSANE golden hour before rushing home to export these photos. Which if you’re also looking for some beautiful golden hour photos, check out this blog post I wrote here!

Katie & Michael’s surprise proposal was a major success. I truly feel honored to have been there to capture the start of this journey for them. I am not shy from helping any couple execute a surprise proposal, so if you’re ready to propose to your boo thang then hit my line! Just click here for us to start chatting 🙂

How To Plan A Surprise Proposal

When planning a surprise proposal, there are a lot of moving parts. When it comes to executing it properly here are a few tips to make sure you plan the perfect surprise proposal.

1.) Think about what your partner would want

Ideally when choosing the how to pull of a surprise proposal, the main thing you want to do is focus on what your partner enjoys. Or what you both enjoy to do together! Have they been dropping hints? Something that maybe has always been on their bucket list? Make sure you have 2-3 options just in case you need some backup ideas!

2.) Always have a backup plan

Do you remember when I said to have 2-3 options? That’s because SO many different things can go wrong at any given time. Obviously, you want this surprise proposal to be top-notch, so making sure you have a backup plan for almost every moving part is essential.

3.) Find the PERFECT spot

Especially if you’re planning on working with a photographer for this proposal, focus on finding the perfect spot to do it. Trust me, this can be harder than it looks. Find a location with a lot of natural light and ideally during the day, however I’m not opposed to some flash photography *wink*.

4.) Give your photographer a cue

Making sure that you give your photographer a certain motion, hand gesture or cue to start shooting is KEY to making sure we don’t miss any moments. Make sure to figure this out beforehand and have it be very clear to your photographer. This will save a ton of scrambling!

5.) Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

When working with a photographer for your surprise proposal, communication is KEY. From beginning to end, your photographer should know exactly what your plans are from the proposal. Whether it be what time you plan on doing it, how, what cue you will give to have your photographer start shooting, etc. Finding a photographer you trust is essential in making sure that your surprise proposal moves seamlessly.

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