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Fall Wedding at Cool Springs House

So I don’t mean to brag, but I seriously get to work with some of the most amazing couples ever. When Katy and Grayson first reached out to me and started telling me about their vision for their wedding day, my jaw dropped. I absolutely knew I wanted to be the one to capture these special moments, and luckily for me I did! If you’re in need of some beautiful fall wedding inspiration or are itching to see some golden hour portraits that will make you do a double take, you’ve come to the right place. Keep scrolling to read more about Katy & Grayson’s Fall Wedding at Cool Springs House.

Cool Springs House

Cool Springs House was established back in 1830. Since then it has undergone massive amounts of renovations and changes while still holding its original elegance and charm. Today it is now located in Crockett Park and is one of the prettiest and most quaint Tennessee wedding venues. This historic home is the perfect wedding venue for a small & intimate indoor wedding. You can even host a larger wedding by using the beautiful outdoor space that the property has. Some of the amenities included when booking Cool Springs House are:

  • Getting Ready Suite for Brides
  • Groom Quarter
  • On Site Parking
  • 250 guest capacity for outdoor weddings / 80 for indoor

and so much more! To read more about the incredible amenities at Cool Springs House, just click here! Oh and if you’re wanting to book this beautiful wedding venue for your dream wedding, click here!

Fall Wedding at Cool Springs House

As soon as I arrived I was greeted by Katy in her beautiful dress. While she was getting everything situated, I snuck over to the groom quarter to check up on Grayson while he was finishing getting ready. Before you knew it we were gathering the bouquet, tightening our shoe laces and headed outside for Katy & Grayson’s first look.

First Look

While I could go on and on raving about first looks and why I LOVE them so much, I frankly want to get onto these beautiful photos. To read more about what a first look is, I wrote more about it in this blog here! Much like any first look, this is a moment that so many couples wait for on their wedding day. The moment where you can turn around and see your partner standing there looking back at you. It is a feeling that is unmatched and I will never get over capturing.

How to be Comfortable for Wedding Portraits

Beyond the first look, the lighting and weather were just perfect. Naturally we of course we had to take some solo portraits of the soon to be newlyweds. This is probably the part where couples get the most intimidated. You begin asking yourself “how do I look natural in front of the camera?” or maybe you’re saying “I’m not photogenic”. Let’s just stop all of these right now! I can guarantee you that any person who has ever gotten in front of my camera and has said “I’m not photogenic” has been wrong. It’s not always about being camera ready, it’s about how you act in front of the camera.

In order for my couples to start feeling comfortable posing in front of the camera there are a few things to consider. Number one is to make sure that you are constantly moving. Movement is what allows for you to not get those stiff looking images and feel more relaxed. It looks completely unnatural to stand there with your hands by your side staring directly into my camera. Trust me, there is a time and place for that and your wedding day might not be one of them. Rather than doing that, swing your arms or walk around or twirl your dress and move your head. This in turn causes for a much more natural looking poses in your photos!

Number two is communication. Communicating with your photographer is the key to making sure that everything flows together seamlessly. If you have certain things that you feel uncomfortable with doing or have questions, PLEASE tell your wedding photographer. Communication is key and will ensure that you are getting wedding photos back that you are whole heartedly IN LOVE with.


After finishing up with their wedding portraits, we made our way to the ceremony area where all of the guests waited. The ceremony was held in front of this rustic barn located on the property and was a beautiful backdrop for Katy & Grayson’s ceremony. One thing that was especially unique & special for their ceremony was that they had no wedding party. It’s honestly refreshing to see couples who step outside of the traditional wedding norms and do their wedding day how they want it. Rather than sticking to the tradition of having a wedding party, these two stood tall together as they said their vows and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Reception & Grand Bubble Exit

Once the ceremony was over, the two were officially married and everyone was overjoyed. Part of the amenities that Cool Springs House offers is a beautiful outdoor tent to host your reception. Katy and Grayson spent the first half of their reception dancing, listening to speeches and relishing in their new marriage. Before long the sun was starting to come down and I snuck the newlyweds away for some sunset portraits and omg. These portraits are EVERYTHING. The sun was peaking in so beautifully between the trees and they both looked like golden models. Golden hour portraits will forever be some of my favorites to photograph, and I am NOT afraid to admit that – lol.

As nightfall hit, there was one last bang before I made my way home. Katy and Grayson had decided to do a grand exit with bubbles! Yes, you read that right. While there are many different props to use for a grand exit, such as confetti or sparklers, a bubble exit is definitely a new found fave. I had never photographed a bubble exit at night before, so I was up for the challenge but man oh man. These turned out to be stunning and I still am drooling over here. If you’ve been looking to try something new for your grand exit ideas, may I suggest bubbles? You can’t really go wrong *wink*.

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Photography: Cayleigh Ely Photography

Ceremony & Reception Site: Cool Springs House

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