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Kentucky Outdoor Church Wedding

If you were to ask me what one of my favorite parts of my job is, I would have to say traveling. Yes, we go through the woah’s of wondering what to pack and if you’re like me, an over packer, things can get complicated very quickly. However there is something about being able travel to a different zip code to capture a couple’s love story. It’s something new and exciting and I am ALWAYS down for the adventure. So if you or someone you know is planning a wedding or is in need of a rather funny wedding photographer then I am your gal. All you have to do is click here! With all that being said, you did not come here to talk about me. We are here to talk about this gorgeous Kentucky Church Outdoor Wedding with Stephen and Cherith.

How They Met

You know that saying “when you know, you know”? Well that’s exactly what happened with Cherith and Stephen. For them, their love was magnetic and from the moment they met they just knew they were meant to be. They both met in college and ever since, their relationship just continued to flourish and grow. An ideal date night for them consists of hiking through the mountains, eating some good food & drinking hot chocolate by a bonfire. Then ending the day with a good movie. When they’re not out and about, you can find these two enjoying jazz and contemporary music together and spending as much quality time together as possible.

Kentucky Outdoor Church Wedding

For Cherith’s and Stephen’s big day they knew they wanted to have it outdoors. Not only to soak up all of the beautiful Fall weather (aka their favorite season) but it was also at Cherith’s home church. While I currently reside near Nashville, Tennessee, I packed up my gear and headed to Kentucky for their special day. Cherith and Stephen got married at High Point Pentecostal Church in Paducah, Kentucky. They both really wanted their special day to have a fun, carefree and boho type feel. Which was evident through the decor, florals and even Cherith’s insanely beautiful dress.

Getting Ready & First Looks

By the time that I arrived, Cherith and Stephen were completing the final touches of their wedding day look. Cherith was wearing this gorgeous dress that seriously looked SO beautiful on her. It really helped with that boho feel that she was going for. Stephen looked dapper and you could tell just how excited he was for the rest of the day’s festivities.

Next it was time for the first look. Remember that if you decide to do a first look on your wedding day that it’s NOT limited to just your partner. In this case Cherith decided to do a first look with her parents, bridesmaids and Stephen. A triple threat we like to call it… or maybe that’s just me – lol. First looks can be incredibly emotional and exciting. They really give you that sense of privacy & intimacy you may be looking for on your wedding day. If you’re ever in a pickle and can’t decide whether you want to do a first look or not, communicate that with your wedding photographer! They can help plan it out and determine if a first look is right for you!

Kentucky Wedding Portraits

After spending a bit of time soaking up all the excitement from the first looks, it was time for wedding portraits! While their venue had tons of space and land, Cherith & Stephen decided they wanted to do something different for their wedding photos. For their wedding party photos and wedding portraits, we drove to the downtown area to get a change of scenery.

Reminder: You can do whatever you want on your wedding day. That includes driving to different locations for your portraits. If you’re wanting a change of scenery/location for your portraits – go for it! Just make sure you communicate this with your photographer. That way they are able to plan for this in your wedding day timeline. Your wedding photographer will need to make sure to carve out enough time for travel to and from locations. Then this makes sure everything is in order and you’re not late!

We spent a little bit of time in this alleyway surrounded by large brick buildings. The brick actually made for amazing contrast and fit with all of the autumnal tones which was perfect. I even got to sneak away with Cherith and Stephen to this gorgeous grassy field. It was there that we were able to get some insanely beautiful photos of them with the sun just grazing their skin. They seriously looked like models – ugh!

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

We headed back to their venue to perform their outdoor wedding ceremony and it was just beautiful. The decor was so simple yet incredibly eye catching and stunning and really fit all of what Cherith and Stephen wanted on their special day. During their first look, Cherith and Stephen exchanged their own personal vows so during the ceremony it mainly was all about their shared commitment to God. They had their parents come up and pray with them and it really was such an emotional moment. Before you knew it, they were saying their I do’s and officially married. These moments truly do go by so fast, so cherish every minute.

Cake Cutting, Speeches and Floating Lanterns

Their reception was just as amazing as you could imagine. The weather was still great and made for just a fun time for Cherith and Stephen to spend with family & friends. Speeches and cake cutting ensued and then in a blink the night sky had taken over.

One important moment that Cherith and Stephen really wanted to capture was their big send off. They decided to have floating lanterns and send them into the night sky along with their friends and family. It was such a beautiful and quiet moment for them to shared with all of their loved ones and are some of my favorite photos from the entire day. However if you do decide to do a send off like this, make sure you keep an eye on where your lanterns land. One of the groomsmen had to fully sprint a quarter of a mile to catch one of the lanterns from catching a hay bale on fire. A very spontaneous and exciting moment and one that I definitely won’t forget.

I seriously had such an amazing time celebrating Cherith and Stephen and I am so honored to have been there to capture this special moment for these two. Cheers!

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Photography: Cayleigh Ely Photography

Bridal Dress: David’s Bridal

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