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Intimate Backyard Wedding in Nashville

While I love the elegance that comes along with having large wedding, something about intimate weddings just steals my heart. Since 2020 a ton of couples had to rethink their wedding plans and many had to change them all together. The world wide pandemic made a lot of couples reconsider what it truly meant to get married. What mattered the most and what they valued the most on their wedding day. Since then, intimate weddings have become more and more popular and I am NOT mad about it. Krissy and Alex had the most amazing intimate backyard wedding in Nashville. If you’re looking for some intimate wedding inspiration, then this might just be the blog for you.

The Love Story

Before we can dive into Krissy and Alex’s beautiful intimate wedding day, it’s important to know a little bit about them. Krissy and Alex have been together for 4 years and actually met on a dating app. Hey, love has no limits!

For their wedding, they really wanted to focus on being in the moment. Their focus was to keep things very simple and cost effective. This intimate wedding was the perfect inbetween for what they were looking for and I just couldn’t wait until the day finally arrived.

Intimate Backyard Wedding in Nashville

First things first, it’s important to understand what an intimate wedding actually is before we go any further.

What Is An Intimate Wedding?

If I’m being honest, every person will have a varying definition of what an intimate wedding is. An intimate wedding can be considered a wedding with a guest count between 20 and 75. However, some may argue that even weddings with a guest size of 5 or 6 could be seen as “intimate”. The main thing to remember is that an intimate wedding is significantly smaller than a traditional wedding. With all that being said, that doesn’t mean that you’re wedding is any less extravagant or important.

Detail Photos

I have said it before and I will say it again, I LOVE detail photos. Detail photos are some of the most underrated captures on a wedding day. Although it does take a certain amount of skill to master flatlays, I am always improving and growing. Which is why I love doing them so much! I will typically start taking detail photos as soon as I arrive on your wedding day. So don’t be shocked when I come prepped and ready to go! For more details on what detail photos are and how to help prepare for your detail photos for your wedding photographer, click here!

First Look

Shortly after getting ready, it was time for Krissy and Alex to meet face to face for their first look. Now trust me when I say that first looks can get pretty emotional, so I like to be ready. I like to carry around some tissues and I always advise any bride to be wearing waterproof mascara. Even if you think you won’t cry, you’d rather be safe than sorry. For more of an idea of what a first look is, head to this blog here!

Alex stood in wait as Krissy began her journey towards him. As soon as he turned around you could just see his eyes light up with pure joy. I’m telling you, first looks are NO JOKE.

Under the Willow Tree Ceremony

When it came time for Krissy and Alex’s ceremony, only one thing mattered. Okay, maybe two things. One, they obviously want to tie the knot. Two, they wanted their ceremony to be under this beautiful willow tree. While of course it’s a beautiful spot to have their ceremony, a willow tree also symbolizes hope, stability and safety. It was important for Krissy and Alex to have their ceremony there and remember that spot as a spot of new beginnings for them and their journey.

While a rather simple and short wedding ceremony, that doesn’t take away from the fact that is was so breathtakingly beautiful. Keep in mind though that we are in the South, it was HOT however I will do anything and everything for my couples so I didn’t mind.

Golden Hour Portraits

Once the ceremony was over, we made our way back to the open field for some golden hour portraits. I don’t know about you, but golden hour photos have got to be one of if not my favorite photos to take on wedding days. They give off this hazy effect and make everything look so golden and ethereal and I don’t think I’m ever stopping. #sorrynotsorry

It was a beautiful ending to an absolutely beautiful day. Today, Krissy and Alex are actually expecting a baby boy in October! I had the amazing honor of photographing their announcement photos and I can’t wait to see that little bundle of joy! Congratulations to Krissy & Alex and their lifetime of happiness!

Benefits of Having an Intimate Wedding

There are so many benefits when it comes to have an intimate wedding. Many couples turn to having an intimate wedding for a variety of reasons. If you’re reading this and are debating on whether or not you should have an intimate wedding, then keep reading. Below are a list of benefits of having an intimate wedding before you make an official decision!

Save Money & Reallocate It Somewhere Else

The number one reason why so many couples choose to have an intimate wedding is because of money. It is a well known fact that weddings can run you thousands of dollars. Sometimes you are just not in the place to be making that type of commitment which is TOTALLY fine. By having an intimate wedding you’re able to save money on certain things such as a large wedding venue, catering, decorations, party favors, etc. In other words, while you can save money on certain parts of your wedding, you’re able to reallocate your money to other expenses such as your wedding photography.. *cough cough*.

More Quality Time With Your Partner & Guests

With a larger wedding you’re more likely to lose track of time with all of the hustle & bustle that goes on. Many couples even say they barely felt like they got to see their partner or all of their wedding guests because there was just THAT much going on. With an intimate wedding you’re able to focus more on quality time with not only your partner, but with your guests as well. You are able to have some more intimacy and privacy with your partner to soak up the day. You are also able to greet every wedding guest and spend quality time with them. Honestly, I see this as a win-win in my book!

A Wide Variety of Venue Options

When it comes to choosing a venue, a lot of the time wedding venues will have a max guest capacity. However, you are much more likely to find a ton of wedding venues being able to accommodate a smaller guest list than with a larger one. You not only have variety in terms of wedding venues, but you could even do something right in your own backyard. Similar to how Krissy and Alex’s wedding was, you could settle on having an intimate backyard wedding and still have it be just as magical.

DIY Friendly

If you are a DIY fiend, then seeing this here might light you up! When you have an intimate wedding, you are able to focus a lot on DIY-ing a lot of your wedding. Decorations, centerpieces and even the food can all be left to being made with two hands. Not only does this give you a more hands-on immersive experience into planning your wedding, but can also be very cost effective.

Intimate Backyard Wedding in Nashville

No matter what you decide to do for your wedding day, just remember that the most important thing is who you spend it with. Your wedding day, whether large or small, can move so quickly. Focusing on who you’re surrounding yourself with and making sure you remember all of the intimate moments is key to a successful and happy wedding day. Oh, and if you’re in need of someone to take care of all your photography needs on your wedding day, then have no fear! Click here to inquire about your wedding day vision and we can talk all the deets 🙂

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